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    124 products
    3.90 Carats Loose Bloodish Red Rhodolite Garnet
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    5.6 Carats Faceted Stunning Rhodolite Garnet
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    2.95 Carats Faceted African Rhodolite Garnet
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    2.5 Carats Faceted Bloodish Red Rhodolite Garnet
    Sale price $155.00 USD Regular price $200.00 USD Save 23%
    4.35 Carats Faceted Stunning Rhodolite Garnet
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    3mm Sizes Faceted Spessartine Garnets
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    3mm Sizes Faceted Purple Rhodolite Garnets
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    5.30 Carats Faceted Hessonite Garnet
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    2.40 Carats Faceted Spessartine Garnet
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    1 Carats Each Faceted Tsavorite Garnet Pair
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    2.40 Carats Faceted Orange Spessartine Garnet
    Sale price $50.00 USD Regular price $90.00 USD Save 44%
    5.45 Carats Faceted Semi-Precious Hessonite Garnet
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    7 Carats Faceted Orange Spessartine Garnets
    Sale price $180.00 USD Regular price $200.00 USD Save 10%
    3.45 Carats Faceted Hot Red Rhodolite Garnet Stone
    Sale price $90.00 USD Regular price $130.00 USD Save 31%
    0.70 Carats Each Faceted Tsavorite Garnets
    Sale price $160.00 USD Regular price $200.00 USD Save 20%
    4 Carats Faceted Semi-Precious Hessonite Garnet
    Sale price $70.00 USD Regular price $100.00 USD Save 30%
    2.15 Carats Faceted Orange Spessartine Garnet
    Sale price $80.00 USD Regular price $89.00 USD Save 10%
    3.90 Carats Faceted Orange Spessartine Garnet
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    What's not to love about loose garnet stones? They add a touch of luxury and elegance to any outfit, and they're perfect for adding a little sparkle to your everyday look. Plus, they're a great way to elevate any outfit for special occasions. In this article, we'll show you how to choose the perfect loose garnet stones for your outfits and help you get the most out of your stone collection.

    What are loose garnet stones?

    Garnets have always been one of the most popular stones of ancient times and remained a hugely important symbol today in countries such as China. The color is scarce, making it more sought after than any other gemstone. A garnet's quality and origin are greatly determined by the climate from where it was mined. In colder regions, their color is typically darker than that of warm climates, like Thailand. However in Australia today (which doesn't seem like cold temperatures), there are many more yellow gems out there because of its sunny weather during peak season every year! Garnet collections can be broken up into two distinct groups: Solid and Semi-Solid. When compared to semi-solid garnet rings, it seems that the solid stones are more sought after; however, either way, they're a very popular accent gemstone among jewelry enthusiasts.

    What makes them such attractive or romantic stones?

    Garnets come in many varieties and all possess different properties which give them their masculinity or femininity (basically what kind of 'feel' do you want). Garnets provide lovely warmth and light feelings that provide some detachment from one's own emotions! If you have a beautiful garnet ring and you're filled with emotion (happy, sad, or angry), then it's impossible to feel anything but the emotions of love. It seems that garnets – both solid and semi-solid pieces - are wearable heaters when they provide their wearer comfort in times of stress, providing them a little 'space' between themselves and their thoughts, helping calm down any anxieties due solely to one's feelings. When owned by men, women wear these stones for similar reasons as well; however, there is more kinship found between couples who wear less expensive semisolids than more expensive solid pieces because of their color, design, and aesthetic appeal. Garnets come in a phenomenal array of varieties: solids, semi-solids, herringbone (mosaic), stripes, and other pretty combinations with various tones and hues including light browns to soviet diamonds!

    Garnet Collections  :

    Garnet is one type of gemstone that is meant for any budget purchaser due to its popularity in the jewelry industry. When compared with many more expensive stones such as topaz garnet sapphire, they have somewhat comparable properties – however, finding semisolids within the same budget can be a challenge. The semi-solids are mined from all over the world, however, India and Brazil tend to provide most of this variety (due to some serious high-pressure mines in those countries). These stones are popular for economical reasons because their durability is equal to or greater than that of many gemstones! Only certain garnets will require any sort of special care so it's important to assess whether wearing a small semisolid such as apricot or citrine will warrant any remedial measures such as cleaning your hands after touching them directly on an object within which they were worn.

    How to choose loose garnet stones?

    If you are looking for loose garnet stones, you should go to a jewelry store and pick out the type of stones that you want. You can also look online at various retailers to find loose garnet stones. Though this type of gemstone can indeed be purchased online, there are a lot of people who like to collect these stones personally. It varies from person to person as to how much they value or even just keep the stones for.  On their website, jewelry purveyors at various stores will post pictures that show garnets in different forms and shapes on different colored backdrops such as white bedsheets or clothing fabric; so you would know what kind of stone (or gems) you want before buying them.


    How to choose loose garnet stones:

    Garnets come in various colors that are associated with the kind of source they originated from. Colors like red, pink, and yellow represent Brazil origin while those in green (and white) generally originate from India. Choosing a fine loose gemstone depends on your preferences but these can form the foundation for some jewelry itself; one might want to pick out pieces that have both warm and very intense contrast between their different hues such as orange or pale mauve/pinkish stone alongside darker stones Dressed up or down, garnet is one of the most popular gems amongst all and a timeless beauty which will be present in almost any kind of jewelry.  You can put them on the front of your necklaces, on a chain, or even tuck them away into a pendant. Seeing while they are worn with different gems at various times is one thing that made garnet so iconic and preferred because of its versatility as an accessory.

    When shopping for loose garnet stones, it's important to remember that there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

    SIZE :

    First and foremost, the stone size is key. Typically, loose garnet stones are around 1-3 mm in size, but some larger stones may be available as well. It's important to choose a stone that fits comfortably in your hand and coordinates well with the necklaces or bracelets you're wearing.

    TYPE :

    Second, make sure to choose loose garnet stones that are of the rhodolite type. Rhodolite is a very popular stone for loose gemstones because it has a high luster and a variety of color tones.


    Finally, for loose garnet stones to look their best, we highly recommend checking the stone's composition and clarity. This ensures that you're getting a gemstone with top-notch quality and will make your stone shine like a diamond to reflect light beautifully from every angle!

    COLOR :

    Finally, loose garnet stones come in a variety of colors, including pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It's important to choose the color that will best complement your outfit. Now that you know what to look for when shopping for loose garnet stones, let's take a look at some of our favorite options.


    Secondly, clarity is another factor to consider when selecting loose garnet stones. The more visible the gemstone chips or grains within the stone, the higher it's quality.

    How to care for loose garnet stones :

    When it comes to caring for loose garnet stones, there are a few things to keep in mind.


    First and foremost, always clean your stone with warm water and mild soap before wearing it. Not only will this help keep your stone looking beautiful, but it'll also rid it of any built-up dirt or debris.

    DRYING :

    Next, you don't want to wear your loose garnet stones in wet conditions or any other type of damp environment. This not only can damage the stone but also reduces its shine and makes it prone to breakage.


    Next, you want to make sure that your loose garnet stone is strong enough to survive all of the wear and tear that comes along with wearing it. Garnets will be durable and last longer than a few years (nearly), and they need some additional care during their life cycle.


    Second, always store your loose garnet stone in a sealed container to prevent dirt or debris from sticking to the surface of the gemstone. It's also important to avoid over-tanking your stones; this will destroy their luster and cause them not to reflect their true quality.

    SHAPE :

    Third, it's very important to keep your loose garnet stone in its proper shape. Do not try and squish the gemstone back into a ball or close down on the edges of buttons or stones when storing them; this will damage their luster as well as place tremendous pressure on any skin area placed against them. Additionally, make sure you're holding tight to these pieces by using both hands for more stability when wearing your jewelry piece in public locations such as self-tanning salons where there is a risk of being poked by unwanted objects if one does turn sideways trying


    Finally, to keep your loose garnet stone looking its best over the years and preserve its clarity, always store it away from extreme heat. The oxidization of the gemstone can be weakened by being stored next to an open flame or any other source of heat.

    As expensive as it is for this type of metal and material, you want them to remain in pristine condition throughout their life span. It's just as important that jewelry pieces are polished regularly which will help put a shiny glow on your piece when necessary. If an individual wants to clean their loose garnet, they can do so by using a solution of dish soap and warm water. I would recommend hand washing all jewelry to avoid damaging parts such as beads or stones. Soak the gemstone piece for about 10 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water, and dry completely before wearing again! Should you wish to apply more cleaning tools such as polishing supplies or duct tape instead cotton balls and mineral spirit can work just fine too if needed - but be warned that any strong chemical substance may result in damage if not utilized properly.

    How to care for loose garnet stones: 

    We have accumulated decades of experience in the jewelry industry and more than hundreds of trial customers who have bought our service. There is a method that we follow when it comes to taking care of any gems or diamonds which ranges from following certain steps just as with silver metals, but this would take a longer time to truly explore the broken down jeweler's craft (craftsmanship). However, one example that you can use right now maybe make your orders faster by applying one trip around each gemstone before placing them into their respective order packings depending on your particular needs.

    In general, if you wish to clean precious stones; they can make their way into the nitric acid that's usually required to kill off bacteria and fungus growths on silver metals although I sometimes use warm water instead when needed - regarding stones such as Garnet or even more rare inclusions within rubies known as tourmaline (there is only one of these).


    Secondarily, be sure to handle loose garnet stones with caution. Avoid getting them caught on anything sharp or hard – instead, gently place them on a flat surface. And lastly, always store loose garnet stones in an airtight container to keep them looking their best! Now that you know everything to look for when shopping for loose garnet stones, be sure to head over to our online store and pick up a stone or two today!


    Why buy loose garnet stones from Noble Gemstones?

    Loose garnet stones from Noble Gemstones offer a few advantages over other brands. First, we offer more variety, with a wider range of colors and grades than most other suppliers. Second, we often sold in smaller quantities, which means that you can typically find pieces that are more affordable than those from other brands. Finally, our quality is generally good, so you can trust that the stones you purchase will be of high quality. We have a rich, colorful history. For more than 50 years now, we've been helping customers enjoy the beauty of gemstones - and appreciate their value in everyday life. We spend countless hours laboring to bring you high-quality stones at very competitive prices - through fair trade policies with our suppliers around the world, or attractive discounts for bulk purchases! Shop online today for loose garnet stones from Noble Gemstones!


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