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    Rough Aquamarine For Sale :

    If you're looking for a bold and beautiful aquamarine gemstone to add to your jewelry collection, you'll want to take a look at Rough Aquamarine. This beautiful gemstone is perfect for anyone who wants a unique and eye-catching piece of jewelry, and it's also incredibly durable. Thanks to its rough nature, natural aquamarine is perfect for pieces that need to be handled with care - like statement necklaces and bracelets. So if you're looking for a beautiful and unique aquamarine gemstone, you'll want to check out Rough Aquamarine!

    What Is Rough Aquamarine?

    Aquamarine is a greenish-blue variety of beryl. It is an official birthstone for those born in January and represents the zodiac sign Pisces. Rough Aquamarine is a beautiful and rare form of gemstone that's found in Madagascar and Pakistan. This color-changing gemstone can take on brilliant purplish hues like a sapphire or change to an aqua blue hue with the right amount of pressure placed against it. This gemstone has a natural white to pale purple color. Aquamarine is one of the most durable gemstones you can own, and it's a great choice for anyone who wants to add colorful stones to their jewelry collection. In addition to being a popular gemstone, aquamarine has many other uses that include various industrial and commercial applications. Rough Aquamarine is an exceptionally popular gemstone that's well-suited to any jewelry type. Its brilliant color and durability make it a beautiful piece of jewelry for those who want something satisfyingly tough, yet interesting enough on its own.

    Rough Aquamarine Colors :

    The color of aquamarine varies from blue to dark blue, purple, and green. Rough Aquamarine is aqua blue in hue and can have several different shades. It can be blue-green or grayish-green, and it also comes in a very lovely pale purplish hue at other times as well. It's certainly an incredibly interesting gemstone to own. When you consider all of the different hues Rough Aquamarine is known for, that makes this gemstone desirable on many levels!

    This gemstone is often used in a variety of different jewelry designs, including popular pendants. The necklace and bracelet style stone show off its aquamarine color beautifully because it's somewhat translucent, to begin with. Strong sunlight will cause this gemstone to take on an interesting rainbow appearance as it reflects light through multiple layers of cut and polished facets which also appear more translucent on occasion! As if that wasn't enough, Rough Aquamarine has been deemed very durable due not only to its beautiful natural coloring but also to how tough other stones such as diamonds are when compared by hardness. It's a wonderful stone that many people are drawn to because of the variety it can add to any jewelry pieces they might have, not just its distinct color hues.

    Light Blue Rough Aquamarine:

    Light blue Rough Aquamarine takes on a slightly more pale tone than the other types of rough aquamarine discussed so far, but it still has those wonderful vibrant blue hues. This type of stone is suitable for light-colored jewelry pieces quite well because this kind looks very different from some other stones that are already in existence when compared to them. It shows off its strong color even better and gives an interesting variety that people can see right away!

    This gemstone was used by ancient people long before it became popular today. There were many apparent uses known throughout history.

    Blue Rough Aquamarine:

    Blue Rough Aquamarine is one fortunate gemstone. It has a similar strength to other colors of rough aquamarine and can be found within the same grade range in terms of toughness as well, but it's directly associated with such a beautiful color! This type is often used for jewelry pieces that contain its very own blue-green tone as well since this light (though not translucent) nature also lends itself beautifully on occasion when viewed from different angles under bright sunlight or otherwise.

    Greenish Blue Rough Aquamarine:

    Variants of Greenish Blue Aquamarine include both the deep tones and lighter tones, but it doesn't matter which one you're working with. It's still a very beautiful stone because of the distinct way it gives people an idea about how to interpret their relationship or situation during first use! Being green-blue in coloration helps give this rough aquamarine some very fast recognition for having so much variety as well due to major buyers who are feeling uncertain whether they should purchase something blue at all sometimes since there is already another type out there.

    Rough Aquamarine Clarity :

    As mentioned above, while Aquamarine is often colored & cut to take a specific translucent appearance as well when polished, this gemstone still retains brilliance within its hues. When looking at the thumbnail images provided above you will find that Rough Aquamarine stones can show slight transparency along with their natural color and on occasion where the light hits them with some core facets highlighted or halos present around an aqua blue center stone's facet pattern. In many cases, there are no discernible inclusions to detect within your aqua blue rough gems. Although seen sometimes in rough, these coloring irregularities are minor and significantly don't distract from the stone's natural color.

    These types of colored Aquamarine stones can still be rated as 100% clarity due to their artificially created appearance & lack of any visible crystal flaws such as inclusion so normally would only rate a range though beautiful gemstones aren't expected to score near Perfect every day, especially since most people, wish for attractive Gemstone jewelry that resists etching! For example at times, even standard cut faceted diamond does show facets that otherwise do not exist;  thus when considering an aquamarine rough gemstone of this color, you'd want to be sure that its color is vibrant enough for what you intend it for if the only hope way-too yellow-green coloring!

    Rough Aquamarine Forms :

    Aquamarine Rough Stones can come in both oval & round settings with most derived from either natural or synthetic colors. Due to their crystal structure, they tend to have a more uniform appearance and cut more commonly split stones into cabochon profile shapes whereas rarely are faceted gems given additional faceting so best when offered as radiantly colored rounded octahedral balls as seen earlier which increases their unique crystal structure on the outside & sets them between more brilliant water hole within its networks of internal cavities. Rough stones are often compared to aquamarine glass which is translucent and colorless; for this reason, a smaller stone with deep saturation will appear excellent in just about any gemstone setting!

    Rough Aquamarine Localities :

    Rough aquamarine is found in Burmese, Madagascar Sea Green or N.Y., from Pakistan to Tanzania in the African Rift Valley these stones come from only select areas yet are believed to originate near Burma where they are mined & cut for gemstones by small specialized mining companies that have a passion for them due to their unique glowing color. The most expensive rough stones live in Pakistan where they are mined & cut by a well-marked small mining group called the Punjab Gem mine which does its force to almost 15 million dollars for each ton of ore mined containing mainly kunzite, which topaz & aquamarine gemstones. Second, only to the smaller aquamarine stones from Pakistan, Madagascar also ranks as a major supplier of rough stones for most leading American cutters & designers who follow its deep color. The two largest manufacturers in the world utilize it annually yet are not considered till nearly 9 million dollars per ton YTD mainly due to their extremely limited supply which generates higher prices-potential compared to Pakistani gemstones! Rough stones also live inside many other notable gemstone production areas such as in the Himalayas where the man-made origin is believed to be strongly desired; this area alone produces Thailand Thai, Sri Lanka Ceylon rough aquamarine.

    Rough Aquamarine Price Per Gram :

    Noble Gemstones Offer 10 to 20 dollars per gram immediately after processing without further cutting by most Pakistani Type Jewelers although its true range is much higher. Rough stones can also be sold for 200,000 per carat in Thailand which raises the price versus Pakistan & Burmese rough yet only marginally.

    Aquamarine rough stones' price per carat depends greatly on how it is cut & sized but most items should range from 77 dollars up to over 2000 dollars. An excellent quality stone found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco can reach about $4,000 the highest prices during this time were achieved only once resulting in around 5 million+ after cutting which are usually reserved for special orders that take months to create. Pakistani roughs are open to reasonable offers while they become nearly the most expensive during their peak times of production.

    Healing Properties Of Rough Aquamarine :

    Its healing properties range from healthy skin and insomnia to pitta oil.

    It promotes calmness & helps convey negative energy suggestions of a person as well as from astrological aspects such as roots in water.

    It also works with women's intuition by increasing lucid dreaming.

    Aquamarine is believed to be able to provide relief from all types of emotional turmoil, it also tends to help in the following areas :


    This stone enhances protection & gives resistance against all kinds of malefic influences with its excellent energy field.


    This Stone energizes after inhaling or even breathing by aquamarine beneficial qualities act through a person's meridians when the physical body ends up absorbing good vibrations which helps metabolism and healing throughout one's entire system.


    This stone is good for teachers, architects as well as any person who deals with engineering. It has helped in building homes or commercial properties & promotes order on a large scale. Hence it helps with the organization of events, ideas, and plans.


    This stone enhances purity in one's section of life it balances the solar plexus chakra. It also helps with sexual energy & promotes a passion for one's desires - a true masterwork. This stone has been classified as being very beneficial if you work in the Pharma sector, especially when working in medicine, or even selling pharmaceuticals; they have been known to make much more money from these sales than those that have attempted other businesses offering promises but fallen short.

    Self Confidence:

    Aquamarine enhances self-confidence in one's body language & better speaking skills. It helps enhance motivation to wake up early for a daily routine or just out of bed at night, getting into door gots before anyone wakes up so you can be the first to get your daily morning coffee hash, etc (it also has been known that this stone loosens addiction as well). Aquamarine is said to help overcome addictions/addiction symptoms and even habits.

    Courage :

    Aquamarine is excellent for helping with overcoming any kind of pain, this stone gives the courage to deal/deal with issues without fear. It helps overcome depression & also helps one from perishing from accidents or auto accidents. Aquamarine is wonderful for dealing with suicidal thoughts and over-the-top stresses.

    Mental Problems:

    Aquamarine ore cures such nerve disorders as spasms cerebrate storage disease and stomach upsets., therefore it is a good treatment for premenstrual syndrome (PMS) gynecological problems, kidney ailments, etc.


    Aquamarine is excellent for helping with overcoming indecision. It boosts creativity and love, therefore enhancing the urge to inspire & dream-hence inspiration helps in work as well as personal life. People have made many interesting discoveries from this stone.

    Inner Strength:

    Aquamarine enhances inner strength encouraging one to show courage and trust oneself. Aquamarine helps in escaping from a boring routine/monotony without boredom or allowing depression to overwhelm you, enabling the best solutions when facing new challenges.

    Care For Rough Aquamarine:

    Keep your rough aquamarine in a dry place where there is no humidity or dampness at all. Store away from other jewelry and metal objects that may tarnish it, as well as away from electronic devices which can make the stone come off of its vibration (such as watches, clocks to computers).

    Use a warm soft cloth dipped in gentle dishwashing liquid to clean the stone. Never brush rough aquamarine, because this will scratch and damage it which can lead to breakage (very awful indeed!). If your jewelry is not getting any wear at all, you may have accidentally left it on for too long or cleaned it without water. Generally, stones should be removed from their gem boxes when they do not clasp together anymore – if it's stuck firmly that way then leave it be! -try bringing it out of its box after 3–4 days.

    Why Buy Rough Aquamarine From Noble Gemstones?

    At Noble Gemstones, we offer some of the finest rough aquamarine available online. Our aquamarine is mined from the finest quality stone, and it is perfectly cut and polished to ensure maximum brilliance. Whether you're looking for a beautiful jewel to add to your collection, or you need a special gift for a loved one, our aquamarine is sure to please. Plus, our price is unbeatable! Why buy your aquamarine from any other source?

    Here at Noble Gemstones, we pride ourselves on making the finest quality aquamarine available in our size and shape. Our rough gem is obtained from perfectly polished large-scale stones so you can be assured that your purchase will not produce any unwanted surprises. Ensure that your special stone arrives at you completely undamaged with our damage insurance offered as standard when ordering as part of this package deal! What other company could offer such a wonderful deal for its customers - get it now while supplies last!


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