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    125 products
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    Tourmaline is the supreme mineral for grounding and centering. Tourmaline clears and balances energy, facilitating communication of Higher Mind with Lower Mind. It restores vitality, and mental clarity and promotes a positive outlook. tourmaline also assists in resolving anger issues, as well as addiction rehabilitation. Tourmaline, named after Turamali, which means "stone with mixed colors," is a very popular gemstone. It's translucent to varying degrees and colors. Tourmaline crystals may be of various hues and colors in different portions, or they may be of a consistent hue. Color, iridescence, and other aesthetic characteristics may all be changed with tourmaline coatings.

    It's vital to note a few critical elements when picking Tourmaline rough. Decide what you'll do with the rough tourmaline now. Will it be for carving a cabochon into a gemstone or faceting it? Make sure you get a clean, bright Tourmaline rough for faceting. Inclusions in the faceted tones should be avoided. Because it is not cheap, the rough tourmaline overall shape is very important. You'll remove too much material if the form is unusual, so try to find a good one for the stone. It will cost you money and time. Because it does not diminish the total cost, rough tourmaline used for cutting into a cabochon may be included. When you try to chop the stone, look for pieces that seem somewhat included since the final stone will break. Ultimately, any level of rough tourmaline or carving may be used. The stability of the final work will again be entirely dependent on the original rough tourmaline. Tourmaline rough is a tough stone to cut, but the final products will be stunning.


    The color of rough tourmaline varies depending on the location it was mined and the type of tourmaline included. Typical colors include shades of blue, green, brown, yellow, pink, and purple. The tourmaline rough is usually cut into small pieces to be used in jewelry-making or gem cutting. The smaller size makes it easier to find and handle, but the rough can also have inclusions that could affect the color of the final product. The market's pleasing alternative to emerald's deep, magnificent hue and peridot's softer green is provided by facet grade green and blue tourmalines. The most popular of this group is Paraiba tourmalines, which come from Brazil and Mozambique.

    The melon tourmaline market is separate from that of other tourmalines with two, three, or more hues. In the tourmaline family, they are a fascinating subset. The coloring and cut of tourmalines are used to value them bi, tri, and particolored. Rubellite tourmalines come in a variety of bright pinks and reds that are not usually found in other gemstones. Their unusual hue makes them more attractive to lower carat prices than similar rubies, which has a positive effect on their desirability.


    The rough tourmaline price per carat can vary based on the type of tourmaline and where it was mined. However, if the tourmaline rough is cut into smaller pieces, it will be easier to sell and handle. This will also make it easier to color since there are fewer inclusions that could affect the final product. Gemstone rough prices typically start at $30 per carat for tourmaline rough. The price of facet-grade tourmaline rough can be higher, reaching up to $600 per carat. In terms of per-carat value, gorgeous tourmalines in bigger sizes were highly valued. For facet-quality rough material, scarcity and prices grow dramatically. The price per carat generally rises as the gems approach the five-carat milestone for exquisite gems of comparable color and clarity. Tourmaline has a similar color range as other high-end semi-precious gemstones, but it costs less per carat. A 3-carat brilliant green tourmaline is less expensive than an emerald of comparable size. We are providing competitive prices in rough tourmaline that could be ranging from $15 to $200 Per Gram.


    Rough tourmaline is cut into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit individual preferences. rough tourmaline can be in the form of cabochon, beads, earrings, pendants, rounds, squares, or other interesting designs. Unlike many other gems where a specific shape is mandated by the jeweler for aesthetics or function, Rough tourmaline can be shaped in any way you like as long as it meets your requirements. Cabochon: A cabochon is a round or oval-shaped rough tourmaline gemstone that has been cut and polished into a smooth dome. Cabochons are generally displayed in jewelry as part of a necklace, earrings, or another piece of wearable jewelry. The size and shape of the cabochon can be customized to fit particular preferences or styles.


    Rough tourmaline beads are typically made from pieces of rough tourmaline that have been cut into small (usually about 1/2 inch), uniform pieces. Beads are often used to make jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings.


    Pendants are another common type of rough tourmaline jewelry. They can be made from a wide variety of materials, including rough tourmaline, but they are typically dusted with a layer of resin or other material to give them the desired shape and color. Rough tourmaline beads can also be strung together into chains to create beautiful pendant designs.


    Another popular type of rough tourmaline jewelry is Rounds. Round rough tourmaline gemstones can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they are typically cut into octagons or other basic shapes. Rounds can be used to create necklaces, earrings, and other pieces of wearable jewelry.


    Square rough tourmaline gems are also popular for use in jewelry. They can be found in a variety of colors and shades, making them versatile additions to any piece of jewelry. squares can also be cut into different geometric designs to create unique pieces of jewelry.

    The clarity takes a back seat to the stone's brilliance, as is common with tourmalines. For a fraction of the cost of other gemstones, such as Rubies and Emeralds, you may get stunning tourmaline stones with a strong hue. When it comes to the cutter's skill, the polish quality varies dramatically. A stone made by someone skilled at using light and escaping huge dark windows in the stones will have substantially greater quality than a stone made by somebody who is just starting. Several tourmaline crystals have an extended form, which has an immediate influence on the finished gem. Since they are simpler to set in standard mountings, gem purchasers favor stones with conventional dimensions.


    There are a few rough tourmaline mines in the world, but most rough tourmaline is produced from deposits located in Russia, Brazil, and Thailand. Brazil: The largest rough tourmaline mine in the world is located in Brazil. Rough tourmaline from this mine accounts for around 70% of the global output.


    Rough tourmaline mining takes place in Russia and produces around 30% of the global rough tourmaline supply.


    Rough tourmaline deposits are also found in Thailand, but production here is relatively low compared to other countries. FINE TOURMALINES LOCALITIES :

    Fine tourmaline is found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

    Sri Lanka:

    Fine tourmaline accounts for around 60% of the rough tourmaline production in Sri Lanka.


    Fine tourmaline mines are located in Tanzania and produce around 30% of the global supply.


    The largest fine tourmaline mine in the world is located near Antananarivo, Madagascar.

    Afghanistan :

    Kunar and different mines are famous for producing high quality tourmalines in all over the world.


    Tourmaline crystals can be as small as 1 millimeter or as large as a meter, but the average size is around 75 millimeters.

    Healing Properties of Rough Tourmaline:

    Tourmaline is a mineral that has been used for centuries to treat a variety of health conditions. Rough tourmaline is known to have therapeutic properties that can help heal and improve the overall health of the body. Tourmaline crystals are said to promote relaxation, smooth muscle function, and healthy blood flow. Tourmaline is also effective in treating insensitivity to light, depression, anxiety, and stress.

    Rough tourmaline is an everyday gemstone that hints to your inner self, while also providing topnotch shamanic healing.. Real black tourmalines are made of quartz crystal and mineral. Not some glass essence copies out there whose genjis may sweep away your chi and vitality.

    Rough tourmaline is a stone that's used as a coveted jewelry piece in beauty and yoga cultures because it encompasses benefits of both gems. Its healing properties lie within its natural detoxing abilities- by carrying it, your body is naturally cleansed of negative energies and entities. It's also quite the fashion accessory with any style of outfit.

    Your stone of security, tourmaline can protect you during stressful times. It brings emotional balance, stimulates intuition and creativity and provides a sense of centeredness and peace. And it does all that with subtle colours of pink and green!

    Helps balance the body with antimicrobial, hyperthyroid and antimicrobial properties.

    Tourmaline is a stone that naturally comes in many different colours, shapes and sizes. Rough tourmaline has been quarried by hand and is used in both jewellery and as an ornamental stone. These stones nourish you on a variety- physical, Emotional, Mental [knowing Thyself] levels -allowing you to connect with the intuition and healing energies of your "gut feeling". 

    Rough Tourmaline can be used to heal & buffer the body's electromagnetic field. The tourmaline presents in a variety of colors, and is the material's most obvious quality other than hardness.

    Tourmaline is an enchanting gemstone. We don't talk about it much, which sounds like a perfect opportunity to bring it back into style! Smooth, rough, and many other varieties. Tourmaline actually comes from a clastic metamorphic rock. Discover its healing and cooling properties.

    Rough Tourmalinefrom Brazil, or so they say. Powerful with unparalleled beauty. Ground-breaking as they recrystallize with water. Abundant by guarantee, every result attainable with hard work and a little bit of belief.

    Worlds are colliding! Evil tourmaline unites ash with heat, and rough tourmaline sets fire to its own healing properties. Healing is not a game. It's a deep, right way to live. Smothered in 95% rough tourmaline crystal cores, rough tourmaline can help you undergo more radical change in more radical ways -- and therefore live significantly more radical lives.


    A unique and interesting way to decorate your home is by using various types of gemstones. There are many places where you can find these stones, but the best place to buy rough tourmalines is NOBLEGEMSTONES. NOBLEGEMSTONES is a company that deals in natural gemstones of all shapes and sizes. They have a wide variety of gems available on their website, including rough tourmalines.

    When it comes to choosing a loose gemstone, there are a lot of factors to consider. You want something that catches your eye and makes you feel good when you look at it. But you also want to be sure that you're making a wise investment. That's why many people buy rough tourmalines from Not only is the quality of our stones impeccable, but we also offer some of the best prices on the market. Shop with us today and see for yourself!

    Rough tourmalines can be a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. They come in a variety of colors, including pink, green, blue, and black. Tourmalines are also said to have some therapeutic properties, such as boosting moods and warding off negative energy. If you're interested in adding rough tourmalines to your collection, NOBLEGEMSTONES is the perfect place to buy them. We offer a wide variety of colors and shapes, and we only sell high-quality gem.


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