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    105 Grams Sunshine Citrine
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    394 Carats Facet Rough Honey Citrine
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    54 Grams Facet Rough Mandarin Golden Citrine
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    41 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine
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    25.62 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine For Sale - Noble Gemstones®
    25.62 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine For Sale - Noble Gemstones®
    25.62 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine For Sale
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    22.60 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    22.60 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    22.60 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine
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    41.2 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine For Sale - Noble Gemstones®
    41.2 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine For Sale - Noble Gemstones®
    41.2 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine For Sale
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    138.7 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    138.7 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    138.7 Grams Facet Rough Honey Citrine
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    Natural Facet Rough Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    Natural Facet Rough Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    Natural Facet Rough Citrine
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    50 Grams Facet Rough Lemon Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    50 Grams Facet Rough Lemon Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    50 Grams Facet Rough Lemon Citrine
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    150 Grams Facet Rough Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    150 Grams Facet Rough Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    150 Grams Facet Rough Citrine
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    110 Grams Facet Rough Lemon Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    110 Grams Facet Rough Lemon Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    110 Grams Facet Rough Lemon Citrine
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    100 Grams Brazilian Rough Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    100 Grams Brazilian Rough Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    100 Grams Brazilian Rough Citrine
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    127 Carats Facet Rough Honey Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    127 Carats Facet Rough Honey Citrine - Noble Gemstones®
    127 Carats Facet Rough Honey Citrine
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    Rough Citrine Stone :

    Looking for a gemstone that is both beautiful and versatile? Then look no further than rough citrine! This gemstone can be used to create a variety of jewelry items, including bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. It also makes a great addition to home decor, as it can be used to create beautiful pieces of art. In addition, rough citrine is a good choice if you are looking for a stone that is durable and easy to care for. So if you are in the market for a beautiful and versatile gemstone, make sure to check out the rough citrine collection!

    What Is Rough Citrine?

    Rough citrine is a type of quartz stone. This gemstone has a yellow and orange coloring, as well as reddish streaks running from its surface. Although it looks quite similar to quartz, rough citrine has some unique characteristics that make this gemstone stand out from other types of rocks. Specifically, its yellow color makes the stone resemble jade more than quartz does. This brilliant gemstone even makes a good choice for use as an ornamental stone. Since its color resembles fruits, it is very suitable to be used in jewelry items that are intended for decorative purposes, such as earrings and bracelets. In addition, rough citrine can also be used in home decor because of how eye-catching the bright colors look when placed on furniture or mirrors. Plus this type of quartz brings with it some benefits when you purchase it!

    In addition, it is very durable because it has been used since ancient times for decorative purposes and in jewelry. This type of stone can be found in a variety of locations on Earth, but most commonly rough citrine stones are mined from Brazil, India, Madagascar, and other countries that sit along the outer continental rim of the Eurasian landmass. If you want to find out more about where this gemstone originates or what makes its different colors so attractive then continue reading!

    How To Identify Between Natural Citrine And Fake Citrine?

    Natural Citrine :

    Because of the type of stone and its shape, there are several different ways in which rough citrine may be divided. Trichrospatite is often used to describe natural citrines that range from yellowish-green to brown and orange as they can become red or purple colored when exposed to sulfur radiation. Although this classification system is not always universally accepted, it still provides an efficient way for determining between naturally-derived stones and manmade imitations that look so similar but lack authentic grit! Rough citrine travels around throughout regions like Australia which contain high levels of chromium oxide, a type of iron sulfide that gives the stone its color. Tropical citrines are also found in Tasmania and other sandstone regions as well as coastal regions around Japan. Hence most people arrive at our site from Asia because they live near rich countries where there are plenty of natural rough citrine resources available!

    Fake Citrine:

    When comparing the color of stones, you can quickly determine which grade is being sold from its skin. When manmade specimens are worn it changes their radiance and intensity; this happens because most complete citrines are created by heating a variety of base materials together without removing enough impurities to retain the unique composition that makes them selective pyrite trichrospatite. Because there are so many different forms of natural rough gemstones and where they originate from throughout our planet then any lab process that artificially shapes or alters its form has little value in making imitation alternatives appear botanical. Because of their red and purple colors, bright yellow rough citrine is especially identifiable!

    Rough Citrine Cut :

    The most popular method of cutting raw citrine is called strip-cut which takes place on a bevel. This process uses small iron wheels that rotate to bore through natural rough gemstone materials with an extremely sharp blade and then clean the pieces off before polishing them into a bright reflective surface. This is the most commonly used method of cutting many types of raw citrine and it produces a smooth surface that usually won't need to be smoothed.

    Polishing is the process of removing scratches and iron oxides build up with a fine grade glass cloth or what became popular as an alternative to this has become known as silk boards which may include some form of resin to deep condition gemstones. The other method available for cutting raw citrine is known as sawing. This time uses a metal blade that cuts through natural rough stones without static electricity in order bevel style strip cuts. Because citrines can acquire lessened reflective properties from impurities then it's important not only after you buy your stone but always have them cut by a professional jewelry vendor.

    Rough Citrine Stone Colors :

    Natural Citrine is a very fascinating stone i-e dark yellow to gold, deep orange-red, or occasionally greenish-blue. Top-grade varieties have a more intense golden hue (white) on their surface and are classified as noctilucent. They sometimes display white veins that can give them the appearance of being double terminated stones.

    Its color depends on the type of mineral that it came from, which can be found in certain areas within Brazil and Zambia as well as southern Africa. The deeper shades are usually what form when citrines have been exposed to sunlight for many years to create beautiful varicolored patterns over dark green rough almandine crystals! However, there is no definite pattern schedule so you must explore different stones and not just rely on their most simple description because natural rough forms will exhibit medley combinations of rainbow colors such as honey gold browns sunset red tones with higher tones of orange and yellow. The coloring can be truly breathtaking up close to the light and not only because of its color but also by its stunning translucent firey play of reflection.

    The brightest rainbow colors are typically associated with Brazilian natural rough citrine stones which have suffered during ages under African suns light and water because they tend to show unequal dark tones in ancient patterns that often contain nice earthy greens like dirt, teal pines starting yellows grays even brown moss green leaves hints or lovely smokey gold over some red hues. Natural Rough Citrine is not only well known for its beautiful pastel coloring! It also has an intense shiny stone appearance whenever it is cut or polished.

    Rough Citrine Stone Cut :

    The stone has been cut into different shapes and sizes, with some areas being rougher than others. The overall shape of the stone is rectangular, but it has been jaggedly cut which gives it a more natural look. Real Citrine Stones are always much larger than the ones that have been altered because they can get a few more cuts in them if you need to change their shape. In addition, these stones can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the amount you are willing to pay for them. This unique stone offers several opportunities for cutting if you want to enhance its appearance. One of these shapes is rough citrine, which has much less polish applied to it, and instead, the natural color theme is enhanced with a variety of shading cuts that are left in place. Rough Citrine comes in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from large chunks to tiny irregularly shaped nuggets. The qualities are fairly consistent, however, there is difficulty with grading the teal colored stones due to the dark color that can be a gold tone. Its orange hue appears as violets or brick reds. This stone is available from smooth or rough citrine to multi-faceted stones. A Rough Citrine is cut from a natural citrine boulder of any size, shape, or color. One can even use these stones as beads of a preteen's confirmation or baptism. The facetted stones are great in earrings because the big end cuts are more visible than smaller cuts and have an attractive smokey color with a glinting brilliance. These gems have proven themselves as some of the most popular designs that we produce both rough & faceted from citrine, tanzanite, amethyst, and ruby quartz! They look fantastic mounted on silver jewelry or as a pendant. If you are looking for larger stones we suggest the rough gemstones.

    Rough Citrine Stone Clarity :

    Clarity is the measurement of how pure or precious a gemstone's natural state is. The ideal clarity rating for rough citrine ranges from 2 to 4, with 3 being an excellent rating and scores above four rare and at times even impossible because there are no larger uncut stones available. But if you are lucky enough to find a 4 or 5, it would be considered phenomenal. At Noble Gemstones We offer A-grade clarity rough citrine stones in sizes from 3 to 7mm at our highest rating. Beautiful gemstone rough citrine retains its original color with good clarity.

    Of course, you will find all our pieces with the most beautiful color of citrine from brown to clear or even pink. These stones can be found in natural orange, yellow and red. Each gemstone must have a unique look. The rough citrine stones that you find at Noble Gemstones are very easy to cut and can be done in any shape with almost no size restriction from a deep blood red, orange or yellow.

    These natural gemstone gems may not have the sparkle of an enhanced finish for quality, but still, retain their full color and lifetime beauty! You will always love these natural stone jewelry designs even after daily wear.

    Citrine Stone Form :

    Most people wear citrine as in large faceted or cabochon pendants, but the small stones can be used for earrings. The designs may vary from simple to elaborate and intricate. With this stone, it is more emphasized with how the shape of gemstone cuts are contoured line both sides make them look beautiful . There are more than  100 shapes and layouts which can be produced with this stone. You may also wear it in men's gold jewelry such as rings, pendant and earring designs. It can be used for both bracelet and ring design because of a natural rare yellow color which has become very popular lately with the most women. It is even suitable to use in bracelets that have geometrical shapes or figures on them so that make you look more formal . You will find gem rough citrine at Noble Gemstones  has an excellent finding source when you are looking ingredients for your jewelry project requirements!

    Rough Citrine Stone Localities :

    This gemstone is found in Brazil, Bolivia , and China. In addition to that it also was discovered in Tanzania and Madagascar, two islands located east of Africa. Although these are far as the locations are concerned but still most sources suggest that citrine is mainly from Sri Lanka . The rough stones come from this location because they have very high-quality sawmill process which makes a better cut for natural stone due its combination color pattern with yellow and red tones on them which cannot be captured by other processes such as thermal cabochon sizing nor ionomer coating methodologies! In Tanzania, the best stone comes from Malagasy ancient Citrine Mines. However this is found mostly in south-western and western part of Dar es Salaam . Rough stones come from Sri Lanka because of their high quality sawmill process that produces a better cut for its natural (rough) shape as it has more beautiful combination color pattern with green mix on them!

    The only catch to you purchasing rough citrine gemstones is usually of course where in which country they are located and if there will be any costs involved on buying these stones locally at your doorstep though Noble Gemstones ( you can get all this information at their website Noble Gemstones to convince yourself that the prices they charge are well worth buying natural rough citrine gemstone stones online!)

    Price Range Of Rough Citrine Stone :

    Noble Gemstones Offer price of rough citrine stone between $5 to $10 Per gram of the total weight but as this product is scarce and every year less new supply comes into market it can be easily sold out already! So if you find one attractive (if not cheaper) then give it a shot while they still have stock remaining so that when any surge demand take place from. The most attractive point of customer buying rough citrine gemstone stones online is the transportation of this product to your door-step hence the number one thing we recommend you do while placing an order on their website.

    If you are interested in buying them, please see our website at Noble gemstones to get Details about prices on rough citrine stones offered here.

    Rough Citrine Stone Healing Properties :

    Rough Citrine stones have great healing properties which is why they are used in medicine stone treatment.

    Citrine helps to control and manage fever, rheumatism, insomnia, anxiety and heart problems.

    It also strengthens the effects of vitamin E which helps pores drain mucus from lungs being a natural disinfectant that help ward off infections.

    In India it is used by tantrikas to prepare the honey paste for scabies rituals.

    It is also believed that solidifying citrine stones can keep several headaches away and its blue color in comparison with amethyst provides deeper relaxation feeling after meditation.

    Rough Citrine stones and increases the release of hormones that stimulates digestion.

    Citrine can also greatly increase fertility as it is believed to be useful in metabolism, menstruation problems and in order to conceive a child.

    Rough Citrine stones help metabolize starvation as well as blood circulation.

    Ensuring a nutritious diet and regular exercise will be helpful in benefiting from this stone .

    Sorcery experts will find citrine stones perfect for clairvoyance. They are used in many countries as a remedy to treat thrombophlebitis, arthritis and eye diseases.

    Rough Citrine stones induce flow of blood supply into human bodies which makes them useful in treating cardiovascular issues such as heart attack and stroke.

    The stone is also believed to solve phlegm problem by averting the amounts of air stagnant within the body's respiratory system making it more effective than regular treatments using pills or tablets that sometimes don't really work at all . This will lead you towards healthy well being from most bothersome colds, cough that often irritates the throat and other common health problems that you might have faced.

    Care for Rough Citrine Stone :

    Some precautions to be taken while taking Rough Citrine Stone

    It is recommended that you store a rough citrine stone away from light or it can fade and lose its health-benefiting effect quickly. Also make sure not to keep Rough Citrine Stones in hot weather as they are known for their strong healing power only when stored at moderate temperature of 25°C–30°C. In other places, the stones tend to be transparent due state of matter they have been created on cooling process but remain opaque. Another thing worth noting here is if your wearing dark colored clothes , take note that the color of rough citrine stones could show through your skin making you easily visible to others.

    Use of Rough Citrine Stone :

    Rough Citrine Stones are mainly used in rituals and spells by some magicians as they believe that this stone has the ability of enhancing power, which can help them on their magical pursuits with its healing purpose . With all these amazing benefits stated above , it is highly recommended that one should invest a bit more money on Rough Citrine Stones instead of other types or sizes (such as lemon size ).

    Cleansing Of Rough Citrine Stone :

    Before you cleanse your Citrine, it is important to note that they can be sensitive to chemicals and cleaning agents. Cleaning them with products that contain alcohol can cause damage to the crystal and should not be used. Cotton swabs are fine for cleaning as long as you don’t use any chemicals. The best way to clean your rough citrine is with baby wipes. Cotton swabs are of no use in properly cleaning them because they can damage the item that you are caring for. Using water and acidic substances should be avoided as these could weaken the stone or even cause it to become cloudy over time, which dampens its effect on energy healing processes . One should always clean the rough citrine stone at least once a week.

    Rough Citrine Stone Birthstone And Zodiac Sign :

    Citrine is one of the best birthstones for Pisces, Aquarius, and Taurus. It is also a good choice for all other zodiac signs.

    Rough Citrine Stones are usually considered as crystals of birth and new beginnings. Just like with all other stones there is a specific set of people who have their favorite stone to get them through the day or just focus on work that needs attention . Rough citrine shines during the year by giving you hope for your best chance at reaching and enduring goals, making this stone useful in religious practices , personal development , meditation, positive energy and finding purpose in life – ideal for jaded individuals or those going through self-discovery stages. Citrine is also considered as a gemstone that helps you understand your inner thoughts better and makes you use the mental energy correctly. It brings harmony to your soul layers .

    They are considered as a stone that gives positive healing for physical ailments, it improves moods. This is also known as an inspirational highly valued element of spirituality, meditation or astrology combined with ease in self-understanding and awareness of one’s past experiences or ways in doing things right/wrong , making this all purpose gemstone perfect for using them on any occasion.

    Why Buy Rough Citrine Stone From Noble Gemstones ?

    Are you looking for rough citrine stones? If so, you've come to the right place! At Noble Gemstones, we offer a wide variety of rough citrine stones, all of which are from top-quality sources. We know that buyers want to find quality stones at the best price, and that's why we offer some of the best deals on Rough Citrine Stones anywhere.


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