30 Grams Facet Rough Eye Clean Tourmaline Parcel

30 Grams Facet Rough Eye Clean Tourmaline Parcel

30 Grams Facet Rough Eye Clean Tourmaline Parcel

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GEMSTONE TYPE Facet Rough Tourmaline
WEIGHT 30 Grams
ORIGIN Afghanistan





  • Tourmaline emanates far infrared radiation in the 4-14 micron frequency. Electromagnetic radiation in the far infrared reach can help the resistant framework and advance detoxification. Indeed, far infrared treatment is broadly utilized in Japan by Kikohshi, individuals who mend by the laying of hands.
  • Helps detoxification
  • Supports fat misfortune
  • Diminishes water maintenance
  • Further develops course
  • Supports the liver and kidneys
  • Advances a solid mind-set
  • Disposes of harmful metals
  • Lessens lactic acids and free unsaturated fats.


Designed specifically for gem cutters and lapidary enthusiasts, our exclusive "10 grams Facet Rough Mix Tourmaline Parcel" is a treasure trove of raw gemstones awaiting transformation into dazzling faceted creations. Crafted with the discerning gem cutter in mind, this parcel offers a handpicked selection of tourmaline gemstones in sizes ranging from 1.41 grams to 0.45 grams.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of gem cutting as you explore the endless possibilities presented by this extraordinary collection. Each gemstone within the parcel has been carefully chosen for its exceptional clarity, color, and potential to yield stunning faceted gems. With their varied sizes, these rough tourmaline stones provide ample opportunities to experiment with different cuts and create truly unique and captivating gemstones.

Whether you're an experienced lapidary artist or a budding gem cutter, this parcel invites you to unleash your skills and bring out the inherent beauty of each gemstone. With their raw, uncut form, these tourmaline gems offer a canvas for your expertise, allowing you to showcase your craftsmanship and create exquisite faceted gems that will mesmerize and delight.

Dive into the art of gem cutting and explore the nuances of each gemstone within this mix. From larger stones weighing 1.41 grams that offer the potential for magnificent centerpiece gems to smaller, more delicate 0.46 grams gems that lend themselves to intricate designs, this parcel caters to gem cutters of all levels.

Unlock the true potential of these rough tourmaline gemstones and witness the transformation from raw to radiant as you carefully cut and facet each stone. Watch as the vibrant colors and internal clarity of the tourmaline come to life, resulting in faceted gems that exude brilliance and allure.

Our commitment to sourcing only the highest quality rough tourmaline ensures that each gemstone in this parcel is a gem cutter's dream. Experience the satisfaction of working with gemstones that possess remarkable clarity and color, allowing you to achieve exceptional brilliance and precision in your cuts.

Elevate your gem cutting endeavors and unlock a world of creative possibilities with our "10 grams Facet Rough Mix Tourmaline Parcel." Whether you're seeking to expand your gemstone inventory or looking for the perfect stones to showcase your cutting skills, this parcel is your gateway to creating extraordinary faceted tourmaline gems.

Embrace the artistry of gem cutting and embark on a journey of self-expression with these remarkable tourmaline roughs. Let your expertise and craftsmanship shine as you transform these rough gemstones into dazzling faceted gems that will be cherished for generations to come. Shop now and unleash your creativity with our exceptional tourmaline parcel, designed exclusively for gem cutters like you.

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