2.8 Carats Faceted Chitral Emerald

2.8 Carats Faceted Chitral Emerald
2.8 Carats Faceted Chitral Emerald
2.8 Carats Faceted Chitral Emerald

2.8 Carats Faceted Chitral Emerald

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GEMSTONE TYPE Facet Rough Emerald
WEIGHT 2.8 Carats
DIMENSIONS 12.1x5.9x5.2mm
ORIGIN Pakistan



  • Gain wisdom and develop mental strength.
  • According to Vedic astrology, the Emerald stone represents the mercury planet, the dominant planet of intelligence. If you wear Emerald crystal, you can improve your intellectual capacity and gain wisdom. To make it easier for academics so that they can improve their performance and get better marks in exams.
  • Be more creative and creative
  • Ancient astronomers said that the emerald stone helps to give a better impression to the wearer who allows them to be more creative and innovative that makes them suitable for artists, writers or media representatives.
    Financial Benefits
  • Emerald symbolizes prosperity that makes it suitable for entrepreneurs. People believe that wearing this gem can lead to a profit and achieve a measure of success. Astronomers recommend the Emerald to those who do the work of baking, marketing, textiles and travel.
    Better Communication Skills
  • Emerald Crystals can improve your communication skills as it is considered as “Vaani Karka” which means “Speech Commentary”. Giving the wearer confidence helps him to appreciate.
    Loyalty, Love and Fertility
  • As Emerald is regarded as a stone of love and devotion it gives the wearer the love, loyalty and fertility of those who want to bring children into the world.
  • Emerald is believed to create a better understanding and true love between the couple by providing constructive thoughts about each other that can help to cope with stressful relationships and fill each other with love and happiness. Ultimately healing broken hearts and erasing painful memories of the past.
  • Fame
  • In ancient times, Emeralds were worn by prominent emperors such as Queen Elizabeth and Queen Cleopatra. So if mercury is properly stored, the wearer will receive honor and a bright future.


The name emerald comes from the ancient word “smaragdos,” meaning “green stone.” Its green color is incomparable and therefore highly tested in depth, bright green color, and transparency. Looking at a beautiful emerald is a really attractive sight and deserves your place among the other great gems of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. The Emerald is considered to be one of the most famous gemstones in Vedic astrology that is worn successfully in business and work, in pursuit of art or ingenuity, and in the pursuit of knowledge.

Well-known emerald deposits are found in Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Italy, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, in Zambia, and Spain.


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2.8 Carats Faceted Chitral Emerald
2.8 Carats Faceted Chitral Emerald
2.8 Carats Faceted Chitral Emerald
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